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Dang Huge Fry Wedgies

Katarzyna Grabowska 8tz41rzas7i Unsplash Scaled

Big fries sprinkled with sea salt. Homemade catsup and honey mustard to dip.


Spicy Shishito Shy Peppers

Roasted Spicy Shishito Peppers

Shishito peppers sauteed in coconut oil and red pepper flakes.


Avo Dip, Dip U Dip

Avocado Salad Fresh 829092

Our take on guacamole - avocado mashed with spices and pita chips.


Un-Teriyaki Yaky

Food Salmon Teriyaki 712665

Salmon marinated in our house teriyaki sauce and served with scallions.



bibimbap to my heart

Bibimbap To My Heart

Korean-style bibimbap with all the fixings and a fried egg over top.


leave my wife pho u

Leave My Wife Pho U

Our take on Vietnamese Pho. Homemade noodles with brisket cuts.


Go Go Green Ranger

Veggie Power Bowl

Assorted veggies with rice and a tofu stir fry for a healthier meal.


pep her curry

Pep Her Curry

Indian-style curry chicken in our rich and spicy curry blend sauce.



Unscramble Omelette

Unscramble Omelette

A full English breakfast with eggs, bacon, beans, sausage, and toast.


Good 4 Ur Heart

Good 4 Ur Heart

A healthier take on breakfast. Fruit, nuts, granola, coconut.


if you had to go sandwich

If You Had To Go Sandwich

A luscious breakfast sandwich with egg and meats in a homemade bun.


i was up all night platter

I Was Up All Night Platter

Our bed and breakfast. French toast, pancakes, grapefruit and OJ.


Side Dishes

refried rice party

Refried Rice Party

Classic fried rice with veggies and egg tossed in a Wok until crispy.


tour of korea 2020

Tour Of Korea

Assorted tastes of Korea with different types of kimchi and other samplers.


dumplins night out pt 2

Dumplins Night Out

Pork dumplings steamed in bamboo steamers served with our house sauce.


plate o meat

Plate O Meat

Bacon and sausage patties to accompany any meal. Cooked to perfection.


Dots New

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U taco-in to me?

Taco To Me

Assorted tacos. Your choice of fish, al pastor, or beef. All served to order.


Non-Active Volcano Noodles

Volcano Noodles

Thai-style noodles with chicken and spicy red peppers for spice.


Punkin Soup

Pumkin Soup

Roasted pumpkin soup that packs some heat and reminds of cool fall day.


Seafood What Diet?

Seafood Heaven

Salt-crusted tuna, salmon and eel over roasted peppers and eggplant.



stop playing w/ my heart, steak

Stop Playing Steak

Perfectly charcoal-grilled flank steak any way you want it. It's a steak.


be mine salmon bae

Be Mine Salmon Bae

Grilled salmon plated over vegetable medley and our buttery pepper sauce.


nigeria's finest chick

Hot Nigerian Chick

Roast chicken Nigerian-style served with red price and vegetables.


brazilian Yes please

Brazilian Please

Brazilian barbecue served with pinto beans, rice, and sauteed vegetables.


Super Delicious


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